It is an essential thing in an amplifier that is needed for connection of the speaker. When it comes to assembling the audio with home theatre or audio system the amplifier needs to receive signals from different sources.

The signals of different sources are from various input devices like VCR, DVD player, satellite dish and other signal receptors. The amplifier interprets with AV Receiver work that will help in sending and receiving the signals to amplifiers.

AV receiver

Audio or video inputs

The source of the sound is derived from the audio or video input. The signals are received by the amplifier and the resultant component is producing the audio from the inputs.


Once the receiver sends the video to the television the decoder will analyze the different sorts of sound signals that help you to send information to the amplifier and it initiates the connection to the appropriate speaker.

Power amplifiers

This is used in each sound signal because it will help the decoders to handle jobs in different ways. The surround channels are made up of ordinary stereo signals that will look after the complete process of the encoders. It also helps you to work with the decoder and receive signals from the separate channels.

Once the power is supplied to the amplifier the signal starts receiving it and it takes in all the data that is necessary to be transmitted.

AV receiver


The output is the final destination where the video or audio will be straight forward. It consists of different components that will produce the final output. Mostly the outputs are generally displayed on the TV or delivered to the speaker.

Bottom lines

Therefore, these things are AV receiver used for and it is used to receive signals from other input devices. This component will work with the configuration of the amplifier that will produce signals and amplify its line of level in various ways.

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